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We are also dealing with the Premium & Brands which is called Perfect quality or Cream. The cream of the used clothing which is about 1%, this is the best of the best; is selected very carefully by our experienced staff. They look for quality, color brands and new fashions, cleanliness. You may find amongst these clothes many UK High Street labels such as; FOREVER, ARMANI, GUCCI, ZARA MEN, HUGU BOSS, TED BAKER, NEXT, H & M, AMERICAN EAGLE, MOTHERCARE DEBENHAMS, ARO POSTER, HOLSTER, ADIDAS, NIKE, CHAMPIONS, UNDER ARMER, FILA, PUMA, REEBOK and many more.


Our experience and frequent visits to Eastern European markets have given us a unique insight into the fashion requirements, size and mix of garments that are required. Orders can be made for summer, autumn and winter wear. These skills have made us the largest specialist shipper of this merchandise of European Countries…

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